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To celebrate the role of the public domain in our societies

A collection of resources that collect public domain texts, similar to those collected by Wikisource.

Public Domain Review

A review of works which have fallen into the public domain, organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation, to be launched in January 2011.

Public Domain Day webpage, by the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke University

The Center for the Study of the Public Domain put together an extensive series of resources, liks, and info about Public Domain Day.

Public Domain Works

The Public Domain Works DB is an open registry of artistic works that are in the public domain. It is currently focused on books and sound recordings – EU countries are currently considering a term extension for sound recordings which would have a dramatic impact on the size of the public domain. In the future it will will expand to cover all types of cultural works which are covered by copyright.

The a project was originally created by the Open Knowledge Foundation, Free Culture UK and the Open Rights Group. The project is currently being managed by the Open Knowledge Foundation's Public Domain Working Group.

Bibliographica is an open catalogue of the world’s cultural works — books, music, films — with integrated bibliography tools for example to allow you to create your own collections, add additional information to entries, and work with Wikipedia.

Bibliographica runs on the openbiblio software which is open-source and designed for others to use — so you can deploy your own bibliography service easily and quickly.

Other significant features include native RDF linked data support, FRBR-like domain model, and wiki-like recording of every change. More information ».

Bibliographica is a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation and was made possible by support from Edinburgh University’s IDEALab.

Sprixi helps you find an image
  • for a school assignment,
  • for a work presentation,
  • for a blog post,
  • for an instant message,
  • for a tweet.

Images on Sprixi generally have liberal licences such as Creative Commons or are in the public domain.

List of countries' copyright length
This is a list of different countries and the length of their standard copyright in years. Most countries now have copyright terms that are based on the death dates of the individual authors. Laws regarding anonymous works, corporate-authored works, non-literary works, unpublished works, or posthumous works vary per country. It is not intended to be used as a legal guideline since it cannot reflect the complexity of the copyright laws in effect at any one time and since copyright laws are changing continuously. It is intended only as an overview of the portions of the world which are under any particular style of copyright.
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
This chart was first published in Peter B. Hirtle, "Recent Changes To The Copyright Law: Copyright Term Extension," Archival Outlook, January/February 1999. This version is current as of 1 January 2009. The most recent version is found at The chart is based in part on Laura N. Gasaway's chart, "When Works Pass Into the Public Domain," at , and similar charts found in Marie C. Malaro, A Legal Primer On Managing Museum Collections (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998): 155-156. A useful copyright duration chart by Mary Minow, organized by year, is found at . A "flow chart" for copyright duration is found at . See also Library of Congress Copyright Office. Circular 15a, Duration of Copyright: Provisions of the Law Dealing with the Length of Copyright Protection (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 2004) .
Public Domain Sherpa
Want to know if a specific work is in the public domain? (Or, if it's not, when it will be?) Give the copyright term calculator a spin. You'll need to provide some information about the work — for example, whether it's published or unpublished. But the calculator keeps track of which US copyright act applies to the work in question, so you don't have to.
Public Domain Calculators
The Public Domain Calculators will be developed in two stages.
  1. The first stage will be to develop copyright flow charts such as this one from Creative Commons Canada, or this one for the US from Bromberg & Sunstein LLP. This work will be undertaken and reviewed by groups of legal experts.
  2. The second stage will be to convert these charts into code. Examples of the algorithms in code form, can be found at Public Domain Works and at the Open Library. This work will be undertaken by the OKF and volunteers.
Public Domain Day in Poland
In Poland on 1st January 2010, works of these artists, whose seventieth anniversary of death occurred in 2009, are becoming a part of the public domain.
Featured artist Alphonse Maria Mucha
Alphonse Maria Mucha (24 july 1860-14 july 1939) is an Art Nouveau illustrator and painter noted for his posters of idealized female figures.
Extract from the verdict of the First Civil Division
Extract from the verdict of the First Civil Division of 13 January 1998
The Bircher-Benner archives
At the Institute and Museum of the University of Zurich is currently under construction the "Bircher-Benner archives". In the archive are preserved for the most part patient records by the physician and Muesli inventor "Maximilian Bircher-Benner (1867-1939) founder of the Bircher-Benner clinic in Zurich
Featured author Maria Waser
Manuscripts, newspaper articles, letters, personal documents, secondary literature of Maria Waser
List of authors entering the public domain
List of authors entering the public domain on 01.01.10 generated and developed by Bozena Bednarek-Michalska and Wojciech Sachwanowicz of the University Library in Torun (polish authors in bold)

Public Domain Day 2010
Public Domain Day celebration, Friday, 1.01.2010, 13-19 at Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zurich
Happy Public Domain Day! Here's to many more
An article by Shane Richmond on UK's Daily Telegraph.